Japanese Craftswomen Meeting / by Nikola Ancevski

Today I was invited to a gathering of craftswomen near Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture. It was a great opportunity to meet craftswomen and be familiarised with traditional techniques.


The craftswomen gathered to have a photo-shoot for their common communication, both in their working clothe and kimono. Therefore, the meeting took place at a Kimono tailor.

They all brought some of their working material,  their technique was impressive.

It's a shame they where very busy with two other photographers. I wish I had time to take more photographs of them while they were explaining their working. Their was too little place for one more photographer.

Good thing is at least I have met them, I am looking forward to visit them at their workshops.


Aya getting dressed up by the tailor.

Of course I also asked to try one kimono too!! What an experience, I was wearing it for the first time of my life, Marianne my friend back in Tokyo said I was such a cliché posing in Kimono with Japanese girls!! 😁 I don't care Marianne!!

Thank you Asuka, Hiroe and Yasuda-san for your support during this trip in Mie Prefecture!

I will write another post when I will get to meet them so that I will explain more in-depth each of their crafts.

See you soon 👋🏼👋🏼

Who's looking like a samurai 😉

Who's looking like a samurai 😉