Born in France in 1985, I firstly discovered my passion for photography while travelling in Australia in 2008, I was 22 back then (the picture above taken was taken by my friend Clement in Cape Tribulation!).

Although my educational background is mainly on graphic design, I focused on photography when I caught the traveler virus and i’m travelling ever since.

Photography provides me the opportunity to capture moments, people and places during my travels and where I settle to live, so I am always carrying my gear with me. My main passion is street and portrait photography, which offers me the chance to meet cool people and discover cool places all around the world. This is how i met my wife, while traveling for work in Santorini, Greece, and i’ve be coming here during the summer season ever since, working as a destination photographer (both freelance and for several agencies) and raising our beautiful daughter! 🤗

I'm somewhere around here


in Santorini until November! 🇬🇷☀️